3 Tips To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

You can tell your kids that it's important that they brush their teeth daily. That doesn't mean that they are going to go cheerfully to the sink to brush their teeth. Kids quite often refuse to do things that are good for them. They would rather do their own thing. But, since you know that it's important, you keep doing what you can to make sure that they do brush their teeth.

Set a Good Example

Kids tend to do what they see you do, not what they hear you say. If they see you brushing your teeth every day, they will see that this is just part of your normal day. You can invite them into the bathroom while you brush your teeth. Not only will it show that you value brushing your teeth, it will also show any kids who are afraid of toothbrushing that it doesn't hurt. 

Make Up a Silly Song

Over the years, many parents have learned that if they can make up a song to go along with the chore it can make it easier on their kids. For one thing, that song will cue your child that it's time to brush their teeth. Eventually, brushing their teeth and singing that song at the same time will become a habit. That will make it much easier to get reluctant children to brush. This won't necessarily work on older children, say above 7 or 8, but it will help with younger children, like toddlers. 

Make it Fun

Brushing teeth can sometimes feel like a chore, for both you and your kids. If you can turn it into something fun, it will help your child brush their teeth. Do things like have a foam contest. When you brush your teeth, you want some foam and bubbles to form. Brush your teeth while your child does and see who can make the most foam while they are brushing your teeth. Another thing you can do is get some of the tablets that you chew that turn your teeth colors so that you can see where you need to brush better. Chew one and have your child chew one. See who can clean off the color fastest and best. 

Getting your child to brush their teeth isn't always easy. Toddlers and young children often want to assert their independence and don't want to do anything you want them to do, even if it is good for them. Older children can just decide they don't want to do it anymore. If you have a few tricks in your arsenal, it will make the job easier. Talk to a dentist like North Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry for more ideas.