2 Ways To Cut Down On The Cost Of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can get quite expensive, especially if you have multiple children who need braces or orthodontic care. Here are 2 ways to cut down on costs of treatment so that you do not break the bank.


First, doing pre-treatment can save you a lot of money if your children can have certain things fixed early on. Pre-orthodontic treatment consists of having a consultation at a young age when your child has lost very few or no teeth at all.

At this appointment, the orthodontist can assess if your child's mouth is too small for the adult teeth that will grow in. He or she can also assess bite issues that may be fixed without the use of braces at this stage.

In order to fix a small mouth, the doctor can insert a palatal expander, which your child can use to slowly expand the roof of the mouth each day. This will widen the shape of the mouth, and it will give adult teeth more room to grow in straight without overlapping at all. 

If your child has an overbite, then he or she can hold a button between his or her teeth and lips while jutting the chin forward for a few minutes, and this can be repeated until the lower jaw is aligned with the upper jaw.


Second, retainers can cut down on orthodontic treatment by preventing teeth from shifting back to their crooked state. Teeth will still want to shift some after the braces come off, but a retainer will hold them in place.

Removable retainers are effective, but permanent retainers are even better if you can find an orthodontist who will use them behind the front teeth that are on top and bottom. These retainers are glued on, and they will stay on as long as is needed.

The only thing your children have to be concerned about is flossing really well between the teeth with the retainers to make sure that no food is stuck. Flossers can easily solve this problem so that cavities do not form from a lack of brushing well.

In addition, wearing regular retainers at night can help the teeth and jaw to stay aligned. These retainers are great because they are removable, and your children can wear them until their back teeth solidify along the jaw bone again. 

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