Four Myths Surrounding Your Eyesight

Your eye sight is very important and as it gets worse, it can affect your quality of life. That is why it is important to take care of your eyes. This can be done by eating the right foods, using the right eyewear, avoiding smoking, and even taking a break from screens. While you may know what to do to keep your eyes healthy, there are many myths out there surrounding your eyesight that could be leading you astray. In an effort to help debunk those myths so you can focus on what you should be doing, here are some myths you may have heard about your eyesight that are not true. 

Staring at the Sun is OK if You Wear Sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are created equal. Additionally, they are not going to block out all the UV rays from the sun, so when you look directly at the sun, you are still damaging your eyes even with sunglasses on. The rays from the sun are known to cause damage in the lens, cornea, and retina of your eyes. Even worse, you could damage your eyes further if you stared up at a solar eclipse. This is called solar retinopathy. Since looking at the sun is more bearable during this time, many people will look at it much longer, causing the UV rays to do extensive damage to the eyes. 

You Don't Need to Have Your Eyes Checked Every Year

Many people believe that they should only have their eyes checked if they notice a problem. The issue with this is that you do not always see signs of eye issues right away. Eye diseases and other eye issues could be going on without you even knowing it. Ophthalmologists are experienced to know when there is an underlying issue way before you see the signs. In order to catch these things early, you need to have your eyes checked routinely, regardless of whether you experience any problems. 

Wearing Someone Else's Glasses Is Bad For You

Chances are you have heard that you could damage your eyes by using someone else's glasses. Fortunately, this is not true. Their prescription will not work the same for you as it does for them. While it will cause eye fatigue when you choose to wear someone's glasses, you are not damaging your eyes by doing so. 

Crossing Your Eyes May Cause Them to Stay Like That

Many kids and even adults have tried crossing their eyes a time or two. There is a myth that if you do it too much, your eyes could end up staying crossed permanently. Your eye's natural response is to come together when you look at something close, so when you cross them, you are only doing what they would naturally do anyways. Once you stop doing it, your eyes will return their natural position each time.