Essential Items For Spine Surgery Recovery

After spine surgery, proper recovery is important. If you're uncomfortable or not following the doctor's orders properly, you can cause injuries and make your condition worse. Here are just some of the essential items you should consider having on hand during your recovery period to stay safe and comfortable.

Heating Pad

In the days after surgery for a spine disorder, it is not uncommon to experience some level of neck stiffness and pain. This generally comes about due to the way you're lying or sitting, in order to accommodate your back. A heating pad can relieve some of this tension and help loosen the muscles in the area, offering you a bit of relief. Since it can be difficult to adjust, particularly, immediately after the procedure, a heating pad can really come in handy.  


Once you begin to get out of bed and move around, it's helpful to have a grabber on hand. For instance, instead of having to strain to reach the coffee mug on the top shelf, with a grabber you can easily get the mug without the strain. Grabbers can also come in handy when you're resting in bed in a comfortable position and need to grab something like a remote. You can generally get these from a neighborhood pharmacy.

Traction Footwear

Whether you're wearing socks or slippers in the house, ensure they have some level of traction on the bottom of them. This traction, or grip, helps keep you from slipping and falling on the floor, which can be devastating to your recovery when you've just had spine surgery. If you're unable to find this type of footwear, using a cane is also helpful, the key is to use whatever you can to keep yourself from slipping.

Toilet Riser

Particularly if you have had lumbar spine fusion surgery, not only may you be advised to avoid bending for a period during your recovery, it might be uncomfortable to do so. Having a toilet riser can make going to the bathroom much easier. Toilet risers basically elevate the base of the toilet so that you don't have to bend as much to reach the seat. When choosing a riser, ensure it is designed to fit a seat your size. A riser too large or small can shift and create a safety hazard.

Having these additions on hand can keep you safer and more comfortable during your recovery. If you have any concerns it's always best to speak with your surgeon.