Overweight And Pregnant: 8 Complications You And Your Baby Face And How Prenatal Health Care Can Help You

While expecting a baby should be one of the most magical times of your life, if you're significantly overweight or obese, pregnancy can actually be a scary time. Because the baby is at greater risk, your need for prenatal health care is even more urgent than it is for other women. Every pregnancy should be tended to by caring, qualified professionals; however, you face more possible complications, and, therefore, require more intense monitoring.

1. Gestational Diabetes

Many women who are overweight during pregnancy (and some who are not), develop diabetes over the course of the pregnancy. Uncontrolled blood glucose levels may affect your baby's ability to access oxygen and vital nutrients, cause them to be overweight, be born early, or have diabetes themselves.   

2. High Blood Pressure

For you, high blood pressure can cause complications, and you're more likely to develop it during pregnancy if you're significantly overweight. Fortunately, though, this condition can be detected and treated, so long as you keep up with your prenatal care visits.

3. Greater Risk For Birth Defects

Weighing more as a mom may put your baby at risk of a birth defect; thus, it's vital that your pregnancy is monitored from beginning to birth and beyond. Some defects can be prevented, but any abnormality must be closely followed by a team of doctors.

4. Heart Problems

Pregnancy in and of itself puts great strain on a woman's body, and being overweight only amplifies that strain. As a result, you could develop cardiac difficulties, such as dramatic changes in how your heart is shaped and how it works.

5. Having An Overweight Baby

When you're overweight, your baby is more likely to be so, which brings its own set of potential issues. 

6. Diabetes In Your Child Later In Life

Coming into the world with excess weight also carries the future danger of becoming Type 2 Diabetic.

7. Impossible Or Dangerous Vaginal Delivery

You may not be a good candidate for vaginal delivery, but C-Sections can be more dangerous for women who are overweight, with possible bleeding and infection issues.

8. Miscarriage

Some babies of obese women face an uphill battle from conception on, but some don't make it. Prenatal care helps you with nutrition and exercise choices, the management of harmful stress and other factors that can lead to a tragic miscarriage.

The Urgent Benefits Of Prenatal Health Care 

Every expectant mother needs regular checkups; however, with significant risks, such as being overweight or having gestational diabetes, you need extra attention. Women who do not seek prenatal health care are, unfortunately, more prone to serious problems. Babies are more likely to be underweight or not survive birth, for mothers who don't get checkups. During your pregnancy, doctors will monitor both your and your baby's health, check for situations like hereditary diseases (you or the biological father could pass to your child), monitor your blood pressure and help to bring it under control, keep tabs on the baby's growth and heartbeat, and predict your due date so you can plan for a healthy birth with no surprises.

Although having a baby is a beautiful experience, there are many risks involved, especially if you're overweight. Stay close to your prenatal care team throughout your nine months, to improve both your and your baby's outlook for a beautiful, happily-ever-after together. 

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