Desk Job Pain? See a Chiropractor

3 Tips For Taking Care Of Yourself After A Breast Biopsy

If you have breast cancer, your doctor might have recommended that you have a breast biopsy. Even though you might want to do everything that you can to fight against breast cancer, you might also be nervous about the procedure. If you work with the right healthcare team and take care of yourself after the fact, however, you can help minimize the impact on your life. These are a few aftercare tips that can help you heal properly after your breast biopsy. Read More 

Three Skin Signs That May Indicate Serious Health Problems

If you're like most people, you probably already know that certain skin changes may be indicators of more serious conditions. For instance, discoloration or enlargement of moles are sometimes a sign of cancer. However, there are many skin conditions that may point to serious illnesses that many people are not aware of. Following are three of them. Butterfly Rash A butterfly rash that occurs on both sides of your nose while spanning its bridge may be the first physical symptom of lupus. Read More 

Tips For Getting Rid Of Peeling Skin On Your Feet

If you have a lot of peeling skin on the bottom of your feet, there is a good chance that you're slightly embarrassed or uncomfortable because of it. This can be hard for you to deal with, especially during the summer when you don't necessarily want to be wearing shoes that hide your feet. Here are some tips for getting rid of the peeling skin on the bottom of your feet as soon as possible and prevent it from coming back. Read More 

Got a Friend with Cancer? 4 Tips to Help Support Them

So, you have recently learned that one of your close friends, neighbors, or colleagues has been diagnosed with cancer. You have never had to deal with anything like this before, so you really don't know what you need to do. The only thing you know is that you want to lend a helping hand in some way or another. Here are a few tips to show them that you care and support them in their time of need. Read More 

Does Your Sensitive Skin Break Out Into Hives At The Slightest Irritant? What Are Your Treatment Options?

Many individuals can go their entire lives without dealing with urticaria (more commonly known as hives) -- red, itchy welts and patches of raised skin that can appear and disappear seemingly at random or in response to stress, a new soap or laundry detergent, or even seasonal allergies. However, those who find themselves periodically dealing with hives that have no known origin can find this process frustrating at best and nearly debilitating at worst. Read More