Tips For Benefitting From The Chirocode Deskbook

As a chiropractor, you probably use a lot of the same techniques on multiple patients. Depending on your location and the demographics of the population, you probably even see many of the same injuries over and over. By taking stock of your common practices and using the Chirocode Deskbook to do your billing and navigation of the claims process, you can maximize the financial results that your practice realizes. Use the tips below to help you do just that.

Run Specials on Uncommon Practices

If you use the same techniques all the time, it doesn't make sense to run a special on them because you already have a healthy stream of income from them. For example, statistics show that chiropractors use the Gonstead technique 58.5% of the time, but only use the Pierce-Stillwagon technique 17.1% of the time. Therefore it would make sense to run specials using the Pierce-Stillwagon technique because it isn't one of the most common practices. You can use your Chirocode Deskbook to extract a list of codes to work from when you decide to run your specials so that you can streamline the billing practice with the code information already filled in.

Navigate Medicare

Medicare isn't the easiest insurance to navigate because of the complicated limitations and specific pre-approval requirements. Rather than venturing into this arena without much information, use the Chirocode Deskbook to help you navigate Medicare by using some of the methods below.

  • Create reference sheets for pre-approval processes to make planning easier
  • Develop billing sheets specific to Medicare-approved methods
  • Include billing terms specifically for Medicare in order to avoid confusion and streamline billing for Medicare patients

Hold Prevention Technique Sessions

By measuring your current practices against the information in your Chirocode Deskbook, you can easily see patterns in the population you serve. Prevention is the key to dealing with almost any health issue, including chiropractic issues. You can hold monthly specials for individuals, or spend time developing safety classes for corporations so that you can teach things like proper lifting techniques. Many corporations will be happy to pay for this service since it could mean a reduction in insurance costs and non-compliance fees.

When you have a wealth of information available to you, don't use it just to answer questions or concerns as they arise. Instead, make the most of your resources and use them to increase your income and develop solid business practices.