Which Contact Lenses Are Right For You?

Choosing to wear contact lenses is a big decision and deciding which type of contact lenses are right for you can be even harder.  With so many different types to choose from it is helpful to understand the differences between them.  The following are some popular types of contacts.

Two Week Disposable Lenses

This type of contact tends to be one of the less expensive contact choices.  There are a variety of brands that offer two week disposables, and each brand has different features.  Some are designed to help people who suffer from dry eyes, while others are designed to block UVB and UVA rays. 

Night & Day lenses

These lenses allow a high level of oxygen to reach the eye.  This allows the contact to be worn both day and night.  In fact, they can safely be worn for up to 30 days and nights in a row without damaging the eye.  This type of contact may be great for the individual who forgets to change their contacts regularly.

Daily Contacts

This type of contacts allows wearers to wear a fresh pair of contacts each day.  These contacts work well for people with allergies since no allergens would be allowed to build up over time.  There is no need for solution, and the contacts are supposed to keep eyes moist, eliminating the need for rewetting drops.

Colored Contacts

These contacts are designed to enhance the color of your eyes.  They combine three colors into one and give your eye a deep color while looking natural.  There are a variety of colors to choose from.

Contacts for Astigmatism

These contacts are designed for those suffering from astigmatism.  They are made to help make vision clear for the contact wearer.  Oxygen flows continuously through the lenses which allows them to feel natural.  They are also designed to keep eyes moist.

Other Considerations

Price can be a big factor in deciding which type and brand of contacts to choose.  Generally the more often you throw them away, the more expensive they are, but you will also save money on things like solution and rewetting drops with these types of lenses.  Specialized contact lenses may cost more, but your eyes may suffer from wearing contacts that don't suit them so it might be worth the extra money.

Another item to consider is how frequently you intend to wear the contacts.  Is it just on the weekends or every day?  This will impact the type of contact that is right for you.  

Speaking with your eye doctor at a clinic like South Jersey Eye Physicians can also help you to make a decision that is right for your eyes.