Chiropractic Care For Golfer’s Elbow And Back Strain

Golfing helps people stay fit, especially if they walk around the course instead of using a cart. Even golfers who need to rely on a cart get some good exercise and breathe in plenty of fresh air. However, an acute back strain or chronic back pain can develop, and so can a condition known as golfer's elbow. If you're dealing with either of these problems, chiropractic care can offer relief and prevent them from occurring again.

Why Golfing Causes Sports Injuries

Consider how you twist your back when you swing a golf club. That's an abnormal and somewhat stressful position for your spine and muscles, even though it's only held briefly.

In addition, using your arms to swing again and again can cause repetitive strain in the form of chronic inner elbow pain, which is medically referred to as medial epicondylitis. The pain may travel to the forearm, and the strain sometimes causes swelling at the inner elbow.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Golfers

Realignment of the Spine to Relieve Pain

Spinal adjustments resolve abnormalities that have developed in the spinal column due to improper posture, overuse and general wear and tear. These problematic areas are known as subluxations. Returning the musculoskeletal system to proper alignment takes pressure off nerves and relieves pain. 


Chiropractors commonly team up with massage therapists to provide a complementary pain-relief strategy. Massage is beneficial for boosting circulation to painful areas, which brings more oxygen and nutrients for healing. It also has substantial relaxing effects, allowing the body to release tension in tight muscles. 

Deep-Heat Ultrasound & TENS Therapy

A patient with back or elbow pain may benefit from treatment with ultrasound and electronic equipment.

Therapeutic ultrasound devices send sound vibrations into the affected area, where those vibrations create warmth for healing and for pain relief. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, stimulates nerves in the affected area with low-voltage current. The stimulation blocks pain signals in the nerves, creating an effect similar to that of pain medication but without the need for pharmaceutical products. 

Occasional Spinal Adjustments

Some skeptics don't like the idea of needing to see a chiropractor for routine adjustments when they don't have symptoms. Nevertheless, occasional adjustments can prevent sports injuries because the spine is regularly realigned to its proper position. When the musculoskeletal system is in optimum alignment, the individual is less vulnerable to injury.

What You Can Do Now

Set an appointment with a chiropractor for an initial evaluation and treatment. If you're experiencing troublesome elbow pain, you may need to take a break from golfing until the strain heals. The chiropractic doctor can teach you some beneficial arm stretches that strengthen the muscles and increase their flexibility so you can prevent problems in the future.  

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