The Right Weight-Loss Program

Among many Americans, losing weight is still an ongoing concern. According to a recent poll, 49% of US residents want to lose weight, a slightly lower number than before, but still a huge portion. Some experts say that two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, a frightening number when you consider the medical implications of carrying extra pounds. If you are determined to lose weight, you need to choose a medically sound program to get healthy, long-term results.

Doctor's Visit

Your first step should be to visit your primary physician for a physical and a blunt patient-to-doctor talk. Although you may want to skip this step, it is vital for your success. Until you know your current health status, you do not know what weight-loss measures are safe for you to take. Once your test results are in, you and your doctor can discuss how you can safely exercise and cut your calories. You may choose to work only with your doctor in this endeavor, but you can also pick from a variety of medically sound programs to give you the support and help you need.


Avoid programs that promise you blazing fast results. Most of those programs forbid certain foods or drastically cut calories, strategies that do not deliver long-term success. You may be able to eat only orange food for a short period of time, but your health and your sanity will suffer if you try to make it a lifestyle choice. Look for a plan that lets you eat foods that you love in moderation. Although a healthy plan will include sizeable portions of vegetables, fruits, and lean protein, it should also let you eat a piece of cake now and then. Any diet that is too restrictive will be almost impossible to sustain. 


Although your doctor should remain a part of your diet journey, joining a group can help you stick to the plan. Simply having people to talk to about your struggle is invaluable. You need encouragement from someone who has the same type of weight issues that you do. Plus, someone from the group is always there for you. If you are having a bad day, you can call a counselor or another member who can help you put down the cookies and get back on track. 

Successfully losing weight is always a slow and steady process. You need to enlist the help of your doctor and possibly a support group to get the results you need. Taking a healthy, measured approach will bring you the most physical and mental benefits.