Try To Identify The Factors That Led You To Use Drugs

If you're a drug user who is serious about getting clean, finding the right treatment program can change your life. If you haven't been through treatment in the past, you'll soon be in an environment that requires a lot of self-reflection. There's no harm in getting started in the process of thinking about yourself and your drug use before you get to your treatment center. One exercise that you can try by yourself is to think about which factors you believe are the culprits for your drug use. Get in the habit of writing them down and noting as many observations as you wish. When the therapy sessions in your drug detox program begin, you'll be prepared to share.

Self-Love Issues

Many people use drugs because they lack self-love. This topic is broad, however, so it's important to begin noting why you believe that you may lack self-love. There can be many potential reasons for this issue, and you'll find that many are likely rooted in your childhood. For example, if you were abused as a child, a common outcome of abuse of any form is that you begin to devalue yourself. When your self-love is low, it can be easy to begin to use drugs because you don't care about the harm they are causing.

Masking Your Pain

In somewhat of a similar fashion, many drug users have let drugs come into their lives because they've gone through pain. When you're in pain, you may be tempted to use drugs in order to dull the pain — and it can be difficult to see that the drugs are actually causing you more pain. It can be difficult to admit that you have been through pain in your life, but understanding such events can actually make it easier for you to grasp why you may have turned to drugs. The pain can be physical or mental — in the case of physical pain, you may have had a serious back injury that led you to use, and eventually abuse, prescription medication.

Influence Of Others

Some people are highly influenced by the actions of others, and this may be a situation the causes someone to begin to use drugs. It's possible that your journey into drug use began because those around you were using drugs. This could have started early if there were drugs in the home, or may have begun in high school when you were friends with teens who experimented with illegal substances. The more you can learn about these origins, the more you can share with the counselors at your treatment center.