Family Health Providers Provide School Physicals

For many children, medical physicals are part of going to school. Schools may require that students get regular physicals to ensure that they are safe. Additionally, they may require that children get vaccinations.

Are you unsure about why your child needs a physical? Do you want to learn more about what to expect during these physicals? This is what you need to know about those appointments.

What Happens During a School Physical?

A physical typically begins by checking out the child's height and weight. The child will be assessed for physical, emotional, and social issues that could impact their education, and they will also receive any necessary information to help them maintain their health.

The exam will continue with a look at the child's medical history to understand any previous illness and injury. The doctor will ask the child about any ongoing symptoms, like dizziness or problems breathing. If the child has these symptoms, they may be asked additional questions to determine the cause.

Sometimes the doctor also checks out the child's hearing and vision. These types of tests may be associated with specific grade levels, though the doctor will also look at the structures themselves to ensure that your child does not have signs of serious illness or injury.

The doctor may also issue immunizations that your child may need based on the child's age or grade level. For example, some school districts may require that a child receive a series of hepatitis vaccines before they can enter seventh grade.

Do You Need to Prepare for a School Physical?

You should take a few steps to prepare for the physical, including gathering the names of all medications the child takes. If your child has received a diagnosis in the past, have the pertinent information available for the doctor at this time.

It's also good to come with a list of questions you might have. Is there anything that you want the doctor to take a closer look at? Has your child been exhibiting any symptoms of any illnesses or health conditions? The doctor can examine these issues further and help you determine if any extra steps must be taken.

Schedule Your Physical Today

Physicals are performed at a variety of medical offices, including a family health care clinic. You can make an appointment for your child to have a physical at any time, regardless of the age or grade of the child.