Using Hospital At Home Services For A Terminally Ill Loved One

A terminal diagnosis for someone in your household can have a life-altering effect on everyone in your home. You and those who live in the household with you may find yourself unable to care for the terminally ill individual. However, you also do not want to send a terminally ill patient to a nursing home or the hospital to spend their final days.

Instead, you may prefer to keep them in their homes and as comfortable as possible. You can bring in a hospital-at-home care service to help provide the attention that a loved one needs in their last moments.

Comfort Measures

The terminal illness from which your loved one suffers may cause immense pain. You do not want them to suffer needlessly during their last days. You want this person to be kept as comfortable as possible as they near the end.

The hospital-at-home caretakers that you hire can provide comfort measures and make sure that the terminally ill patient is as comfortable as possible. They may have the authorization to administer some medications like morphine to help your loved one avoid distress, anxiety, and immense discomfort. They have the medical training to know how to give these measures and make sure that your relative is as comfortable as possible.

Monitoring Vitals

The hospital-at-home caretakers also have the medical training to monitor the vital signs of your loved one and make sure that they are not in distress. They know how to use medical devices such as heart monitors and pulse oxygen clips to tell if your relative is stable or if they are having trouble breathing or regulating their heartbeat.

They can use this equipment as well to indicate if or when your loved one might be nearing their final moments. They can send readings from the devices to the doctors responsible for your relative's care to keep them informed of how they are doing at home. The caretakers can also use the equipment to tell if your relative has passed away.

Hospital at-home care services can keep your terminally ill relative at home instead of having to be sent to a nursing home or hospital. The caretakers can administer comfort measures and use medical devices to provide your relative with comfort. 

For more information on the specific services provided or to learn how your loved one could benefit from this care, contact a hospital-at-home care service in your area.