Why It’s Worth Getting Tested For Minor Allergies

Allergy testing is often seen as being for those with serious allergies. Obviously, if you go into anaphylactic shock or suffer other life-threatening symptoms, you're going to want to be tested for allergies. But if your symptoms are more along the lines of itchy skin or runny eyes, you may push off or avoid testing. This isn't necessarily wise. There are some key benefits to undergoing allergy testing, even if your symptoms aren't too terrible.

1. You might be able to avoid symptoms altogether

Sure, sneezing and itching aren't life-threatening. But they are annoying, and most people would rather avoid experiencing them, if possible. If you get tested for allergies, then you will find out what you are allergic to. Then you might be able to avoid that allergen altogether and not have to deal with the allergy symptoms. For example, you might learn that you are allergic to dandelion pollen. You can then get rid of the dandelions in your backyard and avoid walking in fields where you see them, which should greatly reduce your symptoms if not eliminating them completely.

2. You can reduce your use of allergy medications

Even for minor allergies, people often use allergy medications to keep themselves comfortable. But the cost of allergy medications can add up over time. Plus, they can cause some unwanted side effects, like drowsiness and nausea. If you get allergy tested and find out what you're allergic to, then you can do a better job of avoiding your allergens so you don't need to take allergy medications as often. This can save you money in the long run and also help you avoid extra trips to the pharmacy.

3. You'll have better luck avoiding more serious symptoms later on

Your allergies are minor now, but there is no guarantee they will stay that way. Your symptoms may get worse down the road. If this does happen to you, then you'll be glad that you already know what you're allergic to so you know what to avoid. Also, if you find out what you're allergic to and avoid it, your allergies may not become as serious since you won't spend as much time in contact with your allergens.

It's almost always worth getting tested for allergies, even if your symptoms are minor. Contact an allergy testing clinic near you to learn more. They can guide you through the process and help you feel more confident.