What Can A Pain Clinic Do For Your Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is something that many people struggle with. Getting through your day can be tough on its own, but once chronic pain becomes an issue, every little thing can seem difficult, if not impossible. If you've been struggling with pain for a long time and have heard about pain clinics or been recommended one by a doctor, here's what you should know about how they can help you.

Pain Relievers

One of the things that pain clinics manage for many patients is prescription medication. There are many types of pain relievers out there that are only available with the prescription of a doctor. As restrictions on opioids from the government have tightened, many doctors have started sending their patients to pain clinics, as they specialize in this type of diagnosis and care.

With a pain clinic, your pain and its cause will be determined, and from there, you may be given a prescription to keep the worst of the pain at bay. Keep in mind that in most situations, this is only the beginning of pain treatment from pain clinics.


For some people, physical and mental therapy may play a big role in helping to control or ease pain levels, and this is something that pain clinics can assist with.

For many people, injuries are ultimately responsible for chronic pain. While injuries heal, sometimes damage or weakening occurs that's not as easy to simply reverse, even once pain medications are prescribed. Science is discovering new connections between a person's mental state and physical pain, and mental health therapy is often sought in combination with pain relievers in order to help patients manage their discomfort. Physical therapy can also be useful in strengthening areas that have grown weak due to extended pain, which can help the body to recover and reduce discomfort naturally.

Alternative Treatments

Finally, pain clinics often have access to or can refer you to providers of secondary alternative treatments for pain management, like acupuncture and massage. These therapies can be helpful in reducing discomfort and chronic pain. 

No one should have to go through pain on a day-to-day basis without help. While medication can help you to control the issue, it's just the beginning of the assistance you can expect to find at a pain clinic. If you have concerns or questions about how a pain clinic can help you, call and set up an appointment with one in your area to discuss your personal needs and hopes.